Transforming Customer Experience with user-centricity
Published by: Alexander Viter
Published Date: August 01, 2022

E-GOV: Transforming Customer Experience with user-centricity

Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the application of citizen-centric principles in the creation of public services. DELA (Digital Era Leaders Academy) also did not stand aside and tried to find out the key issues related to building a citizen-oriented strategy and prepare the best use cases. As a result, we got a webinar and a whole online course.

Online course

learn about the 8 principles of user-centricity using the case studies on government projects, including Singapore, Seoul, Rotterdam, Milan, Gent and many others.

Find out how you can re-design public services towards #usercentricity using key frameworks.

Do an in-depth analysis of user-centricity principles, crucial #digital transformation basics of e-government and structure of customer-centric organizational model.

Digital era leaders academy has brought together the world’s best experts who share practical use cases so that you can better learn and apply user-centric principles in your projects.

We have collected 12 practical cases in one online course, where 65% of the content is dedicated to showcase the adoption of these principles in real government initiatives in Europe and Asia.


As for the webinar, it took place on July 20, and if you did not have time to participate or want to watch it again, then you can do it right now – the video is attached to this publication.

Our esteemed guest and expert from the Investment Office in Abu Dhabi, Hani Mashnouk, spoke at the webinar about two user-centric concepts that were able to implement in a project that allows investors to easily and efficiently access #ADIO services (Abu Dhabi Investment Office).

Being an Investment Promotion Agency, Abu Dhabi Investment Office developed a portal website to enable investors to access ADIO’s services seamlessly and efficiently. Some of these services include an “Incentives Program” which investors can apply to online. Other services include requesting for help in relocating, help in getting visas, and help in registration and licensing.

This portal also helps us measure the economic impact we’re having on Abu Dhabi through our services. It helps us track the investments being made and the job creation that happens as a consequence.”

The project implements concepts in user-centricity that can be used as best practices for future projects.

Abu Dhabi Investment Office presentation on user-centricity  

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